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Donate now to help the Animal Shelter of Sullivan County

All donations support animals looking for a forever home

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Help the Animal Shelter of Sullivan County make an impact today!

At the Animal Shelter of Sullivan County, Tennessee, we believe that every animal deserves love, care and a forever home. Your donations help us achieve our goals in a handful of ways:

  • Shelter & Nourishment: Your support ensure homeless animals have a warm place to sleep and play.
  • Medical Care: We provide essential medical treatments, vaccinations and spaying/neutering to keep animals healthy and adoptable.
  • Adoption Programs: Your donation helps us find loving homes for our animals by supporting adoption events and outreach.
  • Education & Awareness: We strive to promote responsible pet ownership through community education programs and resources.
  • Comfort & Enrichment: We offer enrichment activities and toys to make life in the shelter more enjoyable for our animals.

Our mission statement: Increase awareness in Sullivan County about the humane treatment of animals through responsible sheltering, education, spay/neuter assistance and access to wellness.